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GlideFlex Stems

TerraCycle GlideFlex Stems

The TerraCycle GlideFlex takes above seat steering stem performance and quality to a new level. It is elegant, smooth operation truly puts it in a class by itself. We often take calls from customers who have one of the lesser stems out there and there is no doubt in our mind that they don't posses the same quality or performance.

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GlideFlex Stems

If you compare the details that make it all work you can really tell the difference. Friction on the TerraCycle Glide Flex is silky smooth - no "break free, then get moving"sticky feeling- just smooth, steady, predictable performance. For example, walking your bike by the handlebars is no problem with a GlideFlex. Needless to say, there's no lurching or squeaking and the friction stays where you adjust it... all season long, year after year. If you're used to an ordinary stem, we know, this sounds crazy. True, though!

The reason is that there's no other stem like it. Other folding stems bend a pair of arms to squeeze on a central pivoting part and produce friction. A simple thing to make, but it has a number of drawbacks, including poor friction control, uneven feel, rapid wear, and, eventually, sloppiness. If you've ever felt a floppy, uneven folding stem, you know what we mean-bending yoke designs take too many shortcuts.

GlideFlex stems use an advanced "disk brake" parallel squeeze mechanism. Nothing gets bent when you tighten it; instead, precisely machined disks evenly squeeze special Delrin friction bushings. The pivot is a massive 5/8"in diameter. Unlike all other folding stems, there's no metal to metal contact in the hinge or friction system, so it's silent, has very little wear, and is almost completely unaffected by weather. The all USA made GlideFlex takes longer and costs more to make than the others, but it is worth it for us to offer this performance component especially in such a key area as your steering system. The TerraCycle GlideFlex is original equipment for HP Velotechnik bikes as well as others.

A GlideFlex is the stem for a lifetime of durability and performance. If you have a threaded fork on your bike be sure and also order the Threaded to Threadless Adaptor which allows you to install the GlideFlex atop your fork's steerer tube.

The GlideFlex stem is available for 1“ and 1 1/8“ steerer tubes.

Glide Flex Stems
material Aluminum 6061-T6
diameter steerer tube 1"
hight steerer tube 12,7 cm
adjustment range steerer tube 8,1 cm
stem diameter 1" or 1 1/8"
weight 250 g