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Years ago, Mike Vogl, the original founder of FastBack and keen recumbent cyclist, was frustrated by the lack of options for carrying sufficient water for long rides in hot weather. Because recumbent cyclists can't wear a hydration pack on their backs, bladder packs must be attached to the bike or seat instead. He tried strapping traditional backpack-style products on his bikes but they either dragged on the rear tire or the bladder was hard to get in and out. Plus, they looked clunky and out-of-place.

So he decided to develop his own hydration solutions for recumbents, with designs and features he thought others would like as well. He created FastBack products specifically for recumbents, and he received a lot of feedback from the people using them that was used to improve the design.

As demand rapidly increased and required more time and resources, Mike Vogel decided to sell Fastback to TerraCycle.

TerraCycle appreciate suggestions and comments, both good and bad, as they help to refine the products to meet the needs of recumbent cyclists. Their guarantee is simple: One hundred percent satisfaction. If you ever find that one of their products doesn't meet your needs just let us know.

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Fastback Bags & Hydration Systems

FastBack Bags

FastBack Norback Frame Bag
The NorBack Frame Bag is a tool pack and more. This top seller fits on almost all recumbents and is a mini-pump pack, a glove compartment, jacket storage, backpack replacer, and so much more. The exterior waterproof zipper design keeps things inside dry. The interior zippered pockets keep small items securely stashed. The grippy straps, inside and out, mean that your belongings and your NorBack are held firmly in place. Share a strap with the Flash Pack for even more storage space!

FastBack Flash
The FastBack Flash Frame Pack was originally developed as a one handed snack bag. Over the years  the Flash has proven itself useful for all sorts of things that are nice to have easily accessible while you ride. It attaches to the top of a tube, preferably where another tube sticks up. Two long straps to wrap around the main tube, and another strap optionally wraps around something like a head tube or derailleur post for additional anchoring. Main attachment straps fit up to 60 mm tubes. Front stabilizer straps fit up to 1.5" tubes. The unique Velcro lining opening cover is both easy to operate and sheds even torrential downpours. The sleek design fits nicely on a bike or trike. Use it with a NorBack Frame Pack and they can share a strap.

FastBack Carbon Slim
The FastBack Carbon Slim Seatback Bag for hardshell seats is perfect for the essentials of a long days ride.  The Slim has a nice, minimal kind of shape and a surprisingly versatile size: A place to store that rain jacket or windstopper, for keeping the energy bar you need at the top of the pass. Basically all the things you used to stuff into your rear jersey pockets when you rode an upright bike. The FastBack SpiderGrip technology is reconfigurable to achieve an exact, secure fit every time. Once you form the pocket to the shape of your seat, you can take it off and put it back on without any trouble at all. The FastBack Carbon Slim Seatback Bag will let you ride farther and ride faster.

FastBack Pump Pack
FastBack Pump Pack features long velcro straps, so you can put it almost anywhere: on the frame, chainstay, stem riser, or your forearm. It also clips to all FastBack Hydration Packs and the FastBack Carbon Slim Top Bag. Why a pump pack? Well, because it's handy to have a pump along, and it's often difficult to carry one on a recumbent. When you need your pump, it's really nice to just unzip the pack. Comes with self gripping Velcro straps and strap clips.

FastBack Tool Pouch
The FastBack Tool Pouch is for those couple of tubes, tire tools and cell phone that you never quite have a place to put. Fits nicely onto a M70 Hydration Pack, it can also be mounted directly onto some bikes, trikes and racks. Store the camera in there and take a picture of yourself at the top of the mountain, riding farther, riding faster. It can also be mounted directly on some bikes, trikes, and racks if you are creative. On the back are four Velcro straps and an adjustable buckled strap that provide attachment versatility.  With a little imagination you might think of other places to mount this little pack.

FastBack Hydration Systems

FastBack Hydration Systems are designed to keep the weight of fluid/gear low and close to the seat or frame, where it has the least effect on bike handling. In most cases these packs can be used to carry gear instead of a bladder, if you prefer. Many riders don't use bladder fluid systems and prefer conventional water bottles but nonetheless should not miss out on the great versatility of the Hydration Systems as multi-use gear bags. We think this is an amazingly useful aspect of these bags that they make such great cargo carriers. More aerodynamic and compact than conventional panniers, and with enough smaller bags, as seen in some of our photos, you can have the capacity to nicely organize your gear for anything from a long day ride to randonneuring event or double century in any kind of weather.

One of the best things about recumbents- and one of the worst - is the variety of designs, dimensions, and parts. That's good because it gives riders so many options. It's bad because a part or accessory compatible with one recumbent may not fit another. That is why we offer so many choices: Chances are good we have a Hydration System that will fit your bike or trike. Still, because of differences in seat fore-aft position, seat recline angle, tire size, and other variables, it is possible that a particular Hydration System won't fit a particular bike despite our recommendations or experience.

The top 5 features of the FastBack Hydration Systems:

  • Flexible strap systems for various seat types. Straps include clips for managing any extra material. Extra strap loops and Velcro patches for versatility
  • Very strong Nylon pack cloth fabric
  • Easy bladder access with high quality zippers
  • Aerodynamic attachment behind the seat
  • 3M Reflective tape works even when wet for better visibility

The FastBack Tool Pouch and Pump Pack can be added to the FastBack Hydration Packs M 70.

  FastBack Norback Frame Bag FastBack Flash FastBack Carbon Slim FastBack Pump Pack FastBack Tool Pouch
weight 150 g 120 g 160 g 42 g 57 g
dimensions 35 x 8 x 6-3 cm 20 x 4 x 5 cm 35 x 25-15 x 5 cm 6,5 x 38 cm 11,5 x 21,5 x 5 cm
material Cordura Cordura Cordura Cordura Cordura
colour black black black black black
FastBack Hydration Systems
hardshell seat FastBack 70 LS for 2 litres
FastBack Double Century for 2x2 litres
mesh seat FastBack M70 for 2 litres
material durable Cordura
colour black
The FastBack Tool Pouch and Pump Pack can be added to the FastBack Hydration Pack M 70