• Windwrap Fairings

    Weather Protection and superior optical Clarity

Windwrap Fairings

TerraCycle Front Fairings - There is no better way to ride

A front fairing protects the rider's legs and feet from rain and snow, meaning less need for rain gear. The fairings are easily detachable if needed, and requires little to no maintenance as it is quite sturdy.

Windwrap Fairings can transform your riding experience. Known for their durability and simple functionality, Windwrap Fairings add speed, weather protection and optical clarity that is superior to other fairings which improves your ride. All of TerraCycle’s Windwrap mounts feature vibration isolation at all mounting points for a quiet ride.

Every part of the fairings, from mount to bubble, are custom made locally in Portland, Oregon.

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TerraCycle Front Fairing Windwrap WGX and XT

About Windwrap

Developing a high quality, transparent front fairing for recumbent bicycles and tricycles is a major challenge. Fairings of simpler manufacture are being made by deep- drawing. This process creates streaks which result in a bad and often distorted vision through the fairing, and an overall unsatisfactory surface finish. Mostly the material is drawn upon a die with rather a coarse surface in order to conceal faulty manufacture.

This motivated recumbent enthusiasts Mark and Carl Mueller to develop a manufacturing process of their own with the aim of producing crystal- clear, bubble- free, smooth front fairings. Over the course of several years, and besides their daytime jobs, the two brothers devoted a considerable amount of patience, time and legwork to making their fairings production ready. That´s true enthusiasm for you.

The mounts and brackets for the entire product range have been made and supplied by Terracycle right from the start. When growing demand required more time and resources than Carl and Mark Mueller had originally intended to invest, they eventually handed the entire production of their Lexan Polycarbonate fairings over to Terracycle.

As the exclusive European importer and distributor we proudly include the Windwrap fairings in our product range 

Why choose a Windwrap Fairing?

The windwrap fairings, thanks to the properties of Lexan polycarbonate, are very hard-wearing and sturdy (just like the helmet visors of the Apollo astronauts, which were made of Lexan as well). They perfectly enclose the legs thanks to their conforming shape. An even material thickness makes for overall rigidity. The fairing surface is extremely smooth and next to bubble free providing you with optical clarity and next to zero distortion. For storage the fairing can be easily rolled up. The fairings feature vibration damping rubber mounts that keep your ride smooth and rattle free and with their variable mounting hardware can be adjusted to most recumbent bicycles and tricycles in the market.

For the Windwrap WGX and XT fairing protection covers and light mounts for battery lights and mirrors are available.

XT Front Fairing

  • optimal protection for your feet
  • lightweight and compact
  • weight distribution remains nearly unaffected
  • easy entry and exit
  • immune to side winds
  • can be used year-round

WGX Front Fairing

  • perfect protection up to the hip
  • can be adjusted to many recumbent bicycles and tricycles via One Point Mount
  • optional flip- up mount available for easier entry and exit
  • optional sideward mounts for mirrors and lights available
Windwrap Fairings
material Polycarbonat (fairing)
Aluminum 6061 T6 (tubes and folding hinge) 18/8 stainless steel (conecting components)
dimensions XT: 48, 46 cm (lenght, width)
WGX: 134, 52, 68 cm (lenght, width, range)
weight XT: 950 g
WGX: 1500 g
Mirror Mounts
weight 55 g (WGX)
70 g (XT)
Fairing Polish Kit
content Plastic Polish 60 ml
Scratch Remover 60 ml
3 x Heavy Scratch Remover
2 x Polish Towel